Fairytales from yesterday for Tomorrow

New book released in 2020

Takouhi Minassian is a brilliant and insightful published author. A gifted creative writer, Takouhi is known to tell compelling stories through visual imagery. Through her remarkable fairytales, she is giving readers a more artistic perspective of life, while taking them on a journey of a lifetime.

Takouhi is a passionate writer with a strong background in physics. In her career years, she has worked in multiple industries. However, as a hobbyist writer, she finds it rewarding to share her rich imaginative prowess through highly engaging stories. For her works, she has earned an award in literature by Europress, “Parekordzagan” in 2015, and also an Italian award, “Firenze per la Pace,” which was dedicated to Dalai Lama in 2017.

Takouhi uses writing as a tool to inspire people to become avid learners, become more drawn to the universe, and also embrace their inner uniqueness. In her books, she aims to captivate people in the lessons of life, educating them through fairytales. Takouhi finds her strength and delight in writing compelling fairytales, leaving her readers to ponder upon their perception of the subject. Her readers find her books to be inspiring, engaging, informative, and relatable to the real world.


Bulgarian Artist – Juliana Valcheva


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